chris shepherd, Singer-songwriter with a gritty blues guitar


Chris Shepherd's smooth vocals invoke depth and volume with meaning, driving home blues messages with a soulful twist .  In contrast, his gritty old school guitar speaks the straight-forward language of St. Louis's musical heritage.  Brick City Blues claims its place in Old and New St. Louis as it reaches back into the city's rich musical legacy of  vibrant roots and brings it's relevancy forward into the here and now. This is the essence and the excellence of the Chris Shepherd Band.

The Brick City blues

In 1849,  downtown St. Louis burned to the ground from a fire that ignited from boats on the levy of the Mississippi River. Thereafter, St. Louis was built of brick. It was from the banks and floodlands of the two great rivers, the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, that brick was harvested, kilned, and mastered into the strong and stately  buildings that still adorn the city today. The Brick City  is the perfect compilation of beauty, earthiness, and strength of the City of St. Louis. The Chris Shepherd band derives it's life force and resiliency from the fiber of this Brick City.

St. Louis City

is Brick Solid

"Nobody leaves this place without singing the blues"” - Albert Collins


Chris Shepherd Originals

All original songs copyrighted. Prospective buyers, please leave a message.

All original songs copyrighted. Prospective buyers, please leave a message.


Thanks for stopping by. Come here often with your questions or comments and to stay informed about the Chris Shepherd Band and opportunities to hear LIVE blues in the Brick City. We appreciate our good friends in St. Louis and around the globe.

Chris Shepherd, singer-songwriter,guitar player in St. Louis, Missouri

Chris Shepherd, singer-songwriter,guitar player in St. Louis, Missouri

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Chris shepherd bio

Singer Songwriter

Music Made in St. Louis

Chris Shepherd is a singer/songwriter/guitarist based in St. Louis, Missouri-a town with a huge musical legacy of blues and soul. Chris is known for writing original  blues, soul, rock, and blues-flavored gospel songs. 

Recently, a fan described Chris as “the Pavarotti of Blues Music”. Chris’s vocals light up his venues. His straightforward “old school” blues guitar style reaches directly to the root of the soul.

In 2019, Chris toured in Australia, as vocalist/songwriter for Kingdom Brothers. (3 albums featuring many Shepherd originals). In 2021 & 2022, Chris toured Holland and Germany with Rich McDonough. In 2021 Shepherd & McDonough opened for Robert Cray.

Resonating vocals, original songs, & gritty blues guitar make Chris an STL favorite- his popularity growing worldwide. Chris resides in St. Louis, Missouri where he continues his growing career as a singer/songwriter. Chris belongs to a beloved blues community in St. Louis whose goal is to share the blues heritage worldwide.